Why should you switch to water delivery services?


When it comes to meeting the drinking water requirements for your home or office, you have two options. You can either have purifiers installed at the point of use or you can go for water delivery services. Even the tap water goes through a number of purification stages and has to meet the basic federally mandated guidelines before it gets distributed for public use. This may leave it quite alright for drinking purposes as well. The only drawback is that since it is intended for all purpose domestic use, the authorities do not shy away from treating it with chemicals, mainly chlorine. This can impart a very unpleasant taste to the water which may not be liked by many. Given below are some of the reasons why it can be more sensible to switch to water delivery services.

  1. Purity

Drinking water delivery services mostly have their own treatment facilities. Many of them are even registered under the International Drinking Water Association and FDA. This would mean that their treatment facilities are regularly inspected by the authorities so as to make sure that the requirements for safety and purity are met. Many services are fully transparent about their purification process. This can give you an assurance of quality and good health.

  1. Taste

The water given out by drinking water companies is completely free of chemicals. They are usually purified using the multiple stage trademark filtration process like reverse osmosis and aqua clear technology. Some companies go further ahead and add some minerals to their water, thus giving it a sweet and fresh taste, just like the naturally occurring spring water. This is much better than drinking the chlorine loaded water straight from the tap.

  1. Cost effective

Many people shy away from making deals with water delivery services, simply owing to the expenses. However, it will count to know that these services do not cost you very much. Installing coolers and mineral water dispensers are in fact a very healthy move considering the overall health of your family. They are more like an investment. This would also reduce the consumption of aerated and sugary drinks, thus reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. Buying drinking water in batches of single serve bottles would also get much expensive when compared to buying in 3 to 5 gallon bottles.

  1. Convenient service

Almost all the water delivery services have active customer service teams who are always ready to carry out deliveries as soon as a call is made. You can order for supply at any time of the day to have your hydration requirements met. You can also change the frequency and amount of supply depending on the present requirements. The best part, however, is that you will not have to put in any manual effort on your own. Upon your request, the servicemen can even have the bottles fitted right onto the dispenser. You can also have the deliveries and empty bottle pickups even when you are not home.