Organizing a book bag for school


A well-organized life of a student is mirrored by his systematized book bag. Many questions regarding the student’s book bag are often raised. Is it still the same as it was on the first day of the school year? Is its neatness compromised by your careless attitude? And how much time you take out from your day to look after it?

Bear in mind, how a student organizes the school book bag depends on the effort and creativity he puts in and the nature of the backpack he chooses. If the student chooses a book bag that has multiple internal compartments and pouches, then the study essentials can be placed automatically in an organized form. On the contrary, the book bag which has a single cavernous compartment, then the students’ creativity in keeping it neat and organized counts the most.

Some tips you will find useful when organizing your book bag

  • Empty the book bag:

The best way is to make sense amidst the muddle inside is that you empty the book bag by upside down. You will definitely find crumbled papers, ruffled chips packets, dirty sweatshirts for gym class and many more junk that you should discard in order to make more space in your backpack.

  • Categorize the school stuff:

After emptying the book bag you will get a clearer picture of what to discard and what to retain. Place the textbooks, folders, binders and pencil cases in one pile and the throw-offs on the other. In this way, you can maintain a list as to what necessary accessory you need to buy for yourself by the end of the week.

  • Place the categorized stuff neatly in it:

If your book bag is consists of a main big compartment and a small front pocket then categorize your school essentials accordingly. Rather than buying separate notebooks for each subject, you can purchase a single notebook with colourful separators. In this way, all your note downs for different subjects are unified under one notebook.

Having a single binder for all your worksheets saves a lot of place as opposed to multiple folders loading the backpack. In the small zipped front pocket, you can place small items such as stationaries, ID cards, money or hygiene items like mouth fresheners or pocket deodorants and many more.

If your book bag does not have a small front compartment then you can place your stationery items in pencil cases or other small accessories in separate pouches. This will give you ease and convenience as you need not rummage through the backpack and take out your books in order to find small nitty-gritty inside.

  • Pack it according to the timetable:

This is a thumb up the tip of getting an organized book bag. This will save space and will not overburden it with essentials that are not required for the particular day. School book bags should not be more than 20% of the student’s weight. Therefore, loading the backpack with excess stuff will cause pain in shoulders and back muscles. In order to avoid it, pack your backpack with the required essentials a day before.

By keeping your book bag well organized by following these tips you can finally say goodbye to its messy woes. It will not only mirror your spick-and-span lifestyle but also make a lasting impression on your fellow students.