Advantages and disadvantages of towbars

Are you looking to find the right towbar for your car? Well, then first you need to know the types of towbars that are available in the market and along with that, you need to understand the benefits and problems of using certain kind of towbars.

Normally, there are 3 types of towbars available: Swan neck, flange and detachable.

  1. Swan neck

This type of towbar is proffered by most of the drivers. You can fit the bar with the car, like any other towbar. It provides the same kind of support like the other ones. The construction is pretty much simple. It has a main bar and with that, there is an ‘L’ shaped bracket added to the main bar. The construction gives the tow ball the correct height for towing a car and the curved part goes underneath the bumper.


  • Tidy and neat design. Not much steelwork involved in these tow bars Auckland 
  • If you are using Alko stabilisers, this type of towbar perfect.
  • The price is very much low compared to the other types.


  • You can not fit different kinds of towballs
  • The towing accessories required for this towbar is not easily available as of yet but will be available in the market very soon.
  • You cannot alter the towballs while on the towing height.
  1. Flange towbars

These types of Auckland towbars are the classic ones and people have been using it for years. Although this towbar is one of the versatile products that the market has, but still the popularity of this towbar is going down. These towbars are no more commonly used in the passenger cars, rather are used by the van, commercial car owners etc. you can get the accessories for this towbar very easily. If you compare this product with the swan neck type, you will find that these are not the cheapest among them. There are mainly 2 types of flange towbars available in the market.

  • 2 bolt: it is the standard type of towbar. It has only one point to fix the towball.
  • 4 bolt: these have strong design and you can bolt the towballs at multiple heights.


  • You can use any accessories and they are available all the time.
  • There are multiple types of towballs available.
  • You can use the drop plates to alter the height.


  • Can be seen separately.
  • You can not conceal the electrics
  • For different towballs you need to pay extra amount

Detachable towbars

Detachable towbars are another of the popular towbars and are used by many throughout the globe. These Auckland towbars are available in the variety of ranges. The use of this towbar is very simple. You can just plug-in while you want to use it and just unlock it with a key to get it detached. Although, the price range is quite high for this towbar but still what you get for that money is really good.


So, this is the solution to your problem. Now, all you need to know is your requirement and depending on the quality of the towbars, you can choose any of them. Just make sure that they will be perfect for your car, otherwise you will have to waste a lot of money for the Auckland towbars.